Accreditation Details

As of 17 June 2009 19 BEE Verification Agents have been accredited by SANAS (South African National Accreditation System). SANAS are responsible for ensuring that BEE verification is impartial and reliable.

If the verification agency you have used is not one of the accredited ones, it does not mean that your BEE certificate is now worthless. There is a transition period during which certificates from agencies still awaiting accreditation are still valid. To find out how this works click here.

Accreditation Code   Verification Agent Telephone
BVA068 Apala VZR Verification Agency (011) 436 1941
BVA019 AQRate KZN (Pty) Ltd (031) 563-7788
BVA021 AQRate (Pty) Ltd (021) 949-4612
BVA050 BEE - Matrix Cc (086) 111 1612
BVA040  BEE BIZ Compliance (Pty) Ltd (041) 581-3031
BVA057 BEE Empowered and Labour Consultancy Cc (011) 461-6373
BVA049 BEE Rating Solutions (Pty) Ltd (086) 1111-233
BVA014 BEE Verification Agency Cc (086) 072-2222
BVA031 BEESCORE (Pty) Ltd (031) 208-7599
BVA023 Client King CC (041) 379-1150
BVA056 DRGSiyaya (Pty) Ltd (031) 767-0625
BVA037 Emex Trust (012) 663-1188
BVA030 Empowerdex (011) 883-8548
BVA018 EmpowerLogic (Pty) Ltd (086) 111-4003
BVA041 Grant Thorton (043) 726-9898
BVA046 Honeycomb BEE Ratings (Pty) Ltd (011) 880-1630
BVA052 Integra Scores (Pty) Ltd (086) 023 3669
BVA059 Izikhulu Consulting cc t/a Izikhulu BEE Ratings  (0861) 505 555
BVA017 lquad Verification Services (Pty) Ltd (041) 391-0600
BVA020 National Empowerment Rating Agency - Gauteng  (011) 678-1482
BVA013 Prostart Traders 24 (Pty) Ltd t/a CENFED BEE Verification Agency  (011) 814-2752
BVA032 Small Enterprises Rating Agency (Pty) Ltd (012) 813-4600

**Please note that is not associated with nor reccomend any of the above verification agents and can not be held responsible for any loss or damages associated with the users future or current dealings with the above mentioned verification agents**

What does accreditation mean for BEE

Accreditation is an extremely important milestone for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) as it means that there are now reliable accredited verification agents. The accreditation of BEE verification agent both protects clients and guarantees service levels. Accreditation is not once off, and because SANAS goes back to the verification agents every 6 months to check on their processes the is a guarantee that future services will be compliant with the BEE Codes.

What is the next step?

Accreditation insures that clients can trust verification agents, this in-turn will increase the number of businesses that go through verification. If you have done this before you will understand the process of verification preperation and its time-consuming nature. offers verification preperation services that maximise our client's BEE scores.

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