BEE Exemption

All businesses are now required to spend 15% of their Total Measured Procurement Spend with Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs). Secure your free EME Affidavit below and get registered on the National BEE Database;

If your company turned over less than R10 million in the last 12 month period it is exempted from being measured on a BEE Scorecard. Any Exempted Micro Enterprise automatically qualifies as follows;

  • 100% Black Owned EME – Level 1 BEE Status
  • 51% or more Black Owned EME – Level 2 Status
  • Any other EME – Level 4 Status

The Revised BEE Codes were gazetted on the 11th October 2013 and may be applied immediately. Under the 2013 Revised BEE Codes any company with an annual turnover of less than R10 million qualifies as an Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME). An EME is exempted from being measured against any BEE Scorecard. EMEs automatically qualify as Empowering Suppliers so their customers are all able to claim BEE Points when buying from them.

Under the Revised BEE Codes all businesses have been given the target of buying 15% of total Measured Procurement Spend from EMEs each year. This should give rise to the establishment and growth of EMEs in South Africa.

An EME does not need a BEE Certificate, An EME must however produce an affidavit declaring their turnover is less than R10 million and what their Black Ownership percentage is. (Select the relevant option below to create a compliant EME Affidavit.)

Please enter the required information into the Affidavit Tool below and BEE.CO.ZA will generate a compliant affidavit for your company which must then be signed by a Commission of Oaths. This Affidavit is valid for 12 months from the date displayed on the affidavit.

Please note that the Revised Codes allow for EMEs and any QSE with 51% Black Ownership or more to use an affidavit. However the Industry Sector Codes do not allow for this yet. Please refer to the table below to see if your company falls into an Industry Sector or under the General Codes. Only those companies falling under the General Codes can use the Affidavit Tool provided below. Any other company must apply to a Verification Agency for an EME Certificate.

Industry Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) Large Enterprise BEE Documentation
General (Revised) R0-R10m R10m-R50m R50m+ Affidavit for EME's. Certificate for QSE's and Large Enterprises
Transport R0-R5m R5m-R35m R35m Certificate
Construction (Contractor) R0-R5m R5m-R35m R35m+ Certificate
Construction (BEP) R0-R1.5m R1.5m-11.5m R11.5m Certificate
Tourism R0-R2.5m R2.5m-R35m R35m+ Certificate
ICT R0-R5m R5m – R35m R35m+ Certificate
FSC R0-R5m R5m-R35m R35m+ Certificate
Property (Asset Based R0-R30m R30m-R280m R280m+ Certificate
Property (Service Based) R0-R5m R5m-R35m R35m+ Certificate
Property (Estate Agents/Brokers) R0-R2.5m R2.5m-R35m R35m+ Certificate

Please enter all the information required and the affidavit will be emailed to you.

EME Affidavit Tool

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Company Registration Number:
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Start of 12 month Measurement Period:
End of 12 month Measurement Period: February  2017
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* Please note that the Measurement Period cannot end more than 12 month before todays date.  

A Black person is a Black African, Indian, Coloured or Chinese person, born in South Africa, a citizen by decent or a black person who became a citizen before 1994.

Please note that misrepresentation of a company’s turnover or black ownership percentage will result in legal action with a maximum 10 year prison sentence for Directors/Members and 10% of a possible annual turnover fine.