Verification Options

In terms of the DTI's gazetted codes of good practice for BEE businesses of different sizes are measured differently. So, the first step in verification is to understand which category your business falls into.

Turnover less than R10m

Exempted Micro Enterprise
Turnover of R10m-R50m

Qualifying Small Enterprise
Turnover more than R50m

Generic Enterprise

Any business wanting to benefit from their BEE activities will need to prove their BEE status.

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Verified BEE Certificates

Verification Agencies exist and are able to issue valid BEE Certificates.

SANAS and IRBA has been authorised to accredit Verification Agencies and companies can use any Verification Agency accredited under SANAS or IRBA. SANAS is in has accredited Verification Agencies and will continue to announce new accreditations as they take place. As of 1 July 2008, any Verification Agency that has registered with SANAS and received their pre-assesment letter may issue a valid BEE Certificate.

  • Click Here to view the list of accredited agencies, or
  • Click Here for more information about the validity of existing BEE certificates

Pricing and service levels vary as the industry is still establishing itself. The Verification Agencies will take some time to work out their pricing models as the requirements involved in the verification process are still being finalised.

Our advice is to secure at least 3 quotes and to take into consideration the Verification Agencies ability to deliver before choosing your BEE Verification service provider.


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